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We envision a prosperous province supported by sound financial and resource management.


Our mission is to provide strategic and technical leadership in the allocation, management and
utilisation of financial resources in order to improve the quality of life in the province.


We strive for EXCELLENCE through:

DEDICATION - We are 100% committed to our work

INTEGRITY - We steadfastly adhere to high professional standards

ACCOUNTABILITY - We take full responsibility for our actions and our work

Main services

The department provides four key services that underpin the four programmes it runs. The services include :

  • Managing strategic initiatives of the department and the province
  • Managing provincial resources in a sustainable manner
  • Managing the assets and liabilities of the province
  • Ensuring sound financial governance in the province

The province's recovery and emergence from Section 100 status clearly demonstrated and confirmed the ability of treasury to apply stringent financial controls and restore monetary discipline. The institution of decentralised budgetary control is in keeping with new management philosophies where management must be given the mandate to manage and be held accountable for outcomes. One of the challenges the Treasury faced since 1999 and which it will continue to face, is the transition from the previous "Exchequer Control mentality" to the new decentralised Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) milieu. The Exchequer Control Act, with emphasis on a highly centralised control environment focused on inputs and is juxtaposed to the PFMA, which calls for decentralised control, accountability and outputs or outcomes.